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  • Venosan Legline 20 & 30

  • VENOSAN Legline is knitted with an extremely fine mesh offering sheer looking compression stockings and tights. This compression helps prevent and relieve mild oedema and slight varicose veins and is frequently worn post procedures such as sclerotherapy and laser treatments.

    As well as being a favourite preventative stocking for travelling and avoiding Thrombosis. Ideal for work and leisure and energizing the legs. Legline 20 compression 20mmHg


    • Medically effective
    • A correct pressure profile promotes circulation of the blood and gives your legs noticeably better support.
    • Fashionable
    • Gives an elegant appearance, available in a selection of attractive colours.
  • Venosan 5000

  • Venosan 5000 is one of the most advanced support stockings in the world incorporating the latest in manufacturing technology, weaving Silver X-Static fibre with cotton, Lycra and Tactel.

    The proven antibacterial properties of X-Static which kills and inhibits the growth of bacteria thereby reducing or eliminating foot odour, the soft natural cotton fibres for optimum comfort in wear, Lycra for stretch and ease of application, Tactel which increases breathability.
    Please note, this stocking is also widely used for treating Lymphoedema by professional clinicians, and is available on prescription through the NHS or buy them from us direct.


    • Countering Odour
    • X-Static® removes bacteria, so preventing unpleasant odours.
    • Balancing Function
    • Optimum comfort in wear is achieved by combining X-Static® silver-coated fibre (the high conductivity of silver regulates the temperature) with Tactel® micro fibre (rapidly wicks moisture away from the skin).
    • Antistatic
    • Because of the high conductivity of silver, X-Static®, keeps you static-free.